The Dutch Dream Realized

Founded in 2015 by visionary Dutchman Kelvin Dijkhuizen, Valuchi has become a celebrated name in the world of horology, redefining the art of watchmaking through a captivating blend of Dutch heritage and innovative crowdfunding.

From the outset, Kelvin Dijkhuizen envisioned Valuchi as a brand that would encapsulate the essence of Dutch craftsmanship and elegance, while also embracing the spirit of community and collaboration. With this vision in mind, Valuchi embarked on a remarkable journey, seeking support and validation from a passionate audience who shared the same appreciation for exceptional timepieces.

Through a groundbreaking crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Valuchi was able to connect directly with watch enthusiasts around the globe, inviting them to join us on this transformative venture. The response was overwhelming, with backers showing their trust and belief in the brand’s vision by contributing to the campaign.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign propelled Valuchi to new heights, empowering us to bring our meticulously designed watches to life. With every dial, every hand, and every intricate detail, we infused the spirit of Dutch craftsmanship and Kelvin Dijkhuizen’s unwavering dedication to perfection.

Kelvin Dijkhuizen

Founder Valuchi

La Passion a Pris Vie

Driven by the passion and unwavering dedication of their supporters, Valuchi emerged as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Every timepiece crafted by their skilled artisans reflects the shared belief in the power of collective support and the boundless possibilities it presents.

montre pour homme en cuir or rose phases de lune 40 mm

La Recherche de la Perfection

Join us as we celebrate the triumph of Valuchi’s inaugural crowdfunding campaign, an endeavor that birthed a brand poised to redefine elegance, craftsmanship, and the art of timekeeping. Together, let us embrace the spirit of ingenuity and community that lies at the heart of Valuchi’s extraordinary watches.


La Passion a Pris Vie

Après de nombreuses conceptions et d'innombrables échantillons, nous avons créé la série Calendrier Lunaire, une série de montres qui est une garantie de faire tourner les têtes où que vous alliez. Nous avons conçu nos montres jusqu'à ce que nous atteignions une certaine forme de perfection.

Grand Savoir-faire

Valuchi s'est associé aux meilleurs fabricants de montres. L'artisanat est la clé, et chaque horloger a mis beaucoup de temps et d'énergie pour créer des montres de qualité. le temps, les efforts et l'attention aux détails pour créer nos garde-temps. Chaque montre est assemblée à l'aide de technologies avancées, de savoir-faire artisanal, d'authenticité et de finitions exemplaires.

La Recherche de la Perfection

Chaque montre Valuchi a été méticuleusement conçu pour assurer sa simple perfection. Nous avons de nombreux schémas de couleurs différents, et nous sommes sûrs que vous trouverez votre préféré.

La série Calendrier Lunaire

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Calendrier Lunaire 40mm

Silver Ice Bleu


Calendrier Lunaire 40mm

Vert Argenté

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Calendrier Lunaire 40mm

Métal Or Rose


Calendrier Lunaire 40mm

Noir Gunmetal


Calendrier Lunaire 40mm

Cuir Vert Argenté