Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Of course, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and with more than 850.000 residents the township Amsterdam also has the highest number of residents. The name originates from the river the Amstel that flows through Amsterdam. In Amsterdam you will find lots of unique places to visit. The city is really old and has beautiful canals and old housed that give the city a pretty appearance. Because the city is visited by lots of outsiders the city also has an international character. Besides that, Amsterdam is really a business city in which shopping is made really easy. Everybody knows the expensive shopping streets, but in the city there are lots of other stores to be found: there is something for everyone. The look, of luxury and countless opportunities, can be seen in the watches of Valuchi.

Milano, Italy

If you ask people to name the fashion city of Europe almost everyone will say Milan. This Italian world city has roughly 1,3 inhabitants and lies in the north, right in the Po valley. This city was probably built way before the era and since than the city only got bigger and more known. The city breaths haute couture. Lots of famous brands like Versace and Armani are from this town. If you think about Milan or Italy in general, you will think about the nice weather and the beautiful surroundings. These aspects, especially the fashion character can be seen in Valuchi watches.

Valuchi – Amsterdam and Milan in one watch

Each watch is a lot more than just a device that will tell you how late it is. It is jewelry, it is a nice accessory that can suit your personality. A Valuchi is maybe the brand that can do that for you. World-class, international, High fashion and beauty is made in this watch. And not just that: Valuchi is inspired by Milan and Amsterdam! With this you combine the aspects of both cities, but also you combine both countries in one watch brand!

What we believe

People look back on the classical period as a time during which creativity exploded forth from every direction. Anywhere you looked, there were grand masters breaking new ground in all areas, from music to painting to sculpture to literature. This was an exciting time period and one that shaped the world’s development permanently. In much the same way, we are excited to bring Valuchi Watches to market and to shape the world’s development as well. What we are doing with this brand is exciting, fresh, and unique, sure to turn heads wherever our watches are worn and to set new standards within the timepiece industry.

Most watches today are purely functional, timekeepers that you wear on your wrist and that seem to say very little or even nothing at all. They are generic, and they don’t do much to break new ground. At Valuchi Watches, we are committed to producing not just watches but works of art, watches that you can wear proudly and that make a statement about who you are and what you value in life. Like the opera magnaof the classical masters, these watches should stand out for their novelty and their originality – like any true work of art!

Directly to the source

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